“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take gets us to the wrong place faster”
Stephen R. Covey


In order to further facilitate the wealth management industry in its evolution towards higher levels of professionalism,

Hubbis has launched its unique Private Wealth Manager Foundation Certification Programme.

At the same time, we have created this short introductory version

- Private Wealth Manager Essentials -

To help wealth management practitioners to be fully aware of what it takes to be a successful wealth manager.

Based on our interactions with wealth management firms, we realise that the industry appears to be at a tipping point.

Now, more than ever, is an opportunity to assess and overhaul the way we deal with clients

To create a compelling and competitive wealth management proposition.

There is an urgent requirement to focus on needs-based conversations with the right clients, supported by real advice.

Too many wealth management practitioners struggle with delivering value to their customers.

They are stuck in product-sales mode, creating value for their institution – and for themselves – over their clients.

Due to regulatory and technological trends, it has become increasingly costly and challenging

To maintain such a low value-add, product-focused approach to wealth management.

To add value, a new generation of wealth managers able to positively impact the quality of life of their clients is essential.

Private wealth management is an honourable, value-adding profession - both rewarding and fulfilling.

Through this programme we aim to steer you in the right direction,

Making you more confident in the value-adding potential of wealth management.


This programme is mentoring in nature, and serves to help (aspiring) practitioners to:

Fully appreciate their role in the industry and to increase their confidence to be able to be relevant to their clients

Understand why client-centric wealth management is win-win: it benefits not only the client, but also the institution and the individual

See and understand the added value of the wealth management industry

Be proud to be a wealth manager

Better understand clients


The Private Wealth Manager Essentials programme covers the following areas:

Understand the basics required to be successful in this industry

Introduction to the Wealth Management industry

To position oneself well, it is important to understand the trends and developments in the industry

Evolution of a Profession

Wealth managers have a tremendous ability to add value in a number of areas, such as Wealth Psychology, Investments, Insurance, and Wealth Structuring

Adding Value

Although technical knowledge is an essential condition to succeed as wealth manager it is not sufficient. Skills explain a significant part of success.



This programme is primarily designed and developed for:

  • New entrants in the wealth management industry (e.g. university graduates, retail or personal bankers, insurance agents)

  • Support staff in a wealth management organization (e.g. service assistants, compliance officers)

  • More experienced wealth managers who feel ‘stuck’ in a product-oriented way of providing their services, but who want to change the way they operate and think about adding value to their clients


The entire programme – including assessment – is expected to take 10 study hours.

Private Wealth Manager Essentials is a short version of our an extensive Private Wealth Manager Foundation Certification Programme,

which Hubbis offers separately.


The programme will end with an assessment.

Upon completion of this on-line assessment, participants will receive a Private Wealth Manager Essentials Accreditation.

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