“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take gets us to the wrong place faster”
Stephen R. Covey


In our effort to further support the wealth management industry in its endeavors towards higher levels of professionalism,

Hubbis is proud to launch its Private Wealth Manager Foundation Certification Programme.

With this programme we aim to contribute to one of the key challenges in the wealth management industry in Asia: lack of talent.

Already for the past 25 years we hear how difficult it is for financial institutions to find capable client-facing professionals.


The program covers the entire wealth management scope:

Introduction the Wealth Management industry

The High Net-Worth Individual

Wealth Psychology




Wealth Structuring


In each area we help the programme-participant understand the relevance of these areas from the client’s perspective,

As in the end this is the only valid perspective that justifies charging a decent fee.


This programme is primarily designed and developed for:

  • New entrants in the wealth management industry (e.g. university graduates, retail or personal bankers, insurance agents)

  • Support staff in a wealth management organization (e.g. service assistants, compliance officers)

  • More experienced wealth managers who feel ‘stuck’ in a product-oriented way of providing their services, but who want to change the way they operate and think about adding value to their clients


The program consists of 8 modules, covering 98 lessons.

Each lesson, including a knowledge test, should take approximately 2 hours.

Tack your progress using your own unique account on our purpose built learning website.

Participants and – if applicable – their superiors are able to monitor the progress being made by the participants.


As mentioned, each lesson will end with a test. Just to ensure that the student understands the messages we intend to deliver.

Upon completion of the entire program, the student will be expected to sit for a final exam,

Which qualifies the participant for the Programme Certificate.